Bounty Rewards

We’ve designed a special affiliate partner program for influencers and bounty participants in the cryptocurrency community. This program will run during the Crowdfunding stage and help spread the word.

If you:

  • Like what you see so far about Upthinity and
  • Are a well-known, influential contributor in the crypto space and
  • Want to help us out and earn some UPZ by spreading the word on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook or your favorite network then


Then this may be the perfect fit!

The Bounty program for the Upthinity Crowdfunding is managed by the Upthinity marketing team.
We’ve dedicated 1% of the UPZ token supply to reward Bounty affiliates. You’ll earn various UPZ amounts for taking a specific verified marketing action to promote the Crowdfunding campaign.

Want to get involved or learn more? Head over to bitcointalk thread for more details.

Bitcointalk ANN Thread: 

Bitcointalk Bounty Thread:



Bounty Announcements:

11/15/18 ****We want to say thank you to our Bounty participant family on Bitcointalk. We are pleased to announce that Upthinity has partnered with who will continue to drive the bounty program from here. We have a great project and want to ensure we all see more growth.

For current bounty participants you will have until Friday November 16th to submit your final tasks. We will calculate your task and issue fair token payout at the end of crowdfunding for the task you submitted.

To further participate in our Bounty you may join and participate there starting date will be announced here this week . Our token will be escrowed with them so you are assured of payout at the end of our crowdsale.

We are taking steps to supercharge our community and project!

Don’t forget, register on and join the membership, we are giving 30% token bonuses on all membership levels. We are making progress, don’t miss out!!!


03/01/19  ****I Participated In The First Bounty Program, When Will I Receive Tokens?

We have tallied and accounted for the first Bounty program participants we launched before partnering with BountyHive, we will deposit your UPZ tokens when the official Upthinity Wallets are generated directly which will reduce an extra step for this group of bounty participants. You will also see the report posted on our website as well during that time. Your Upthinity wallet will be active 2 weeks before the Mainnet launch.